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This site contains quite a bit of extraneous information, including Tawas Bay website links, the poem High Flight, Maureen's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Lewis Napper's Bill of No Rights, the requisite pet page, a test to see if you are from Michigan, a page of Yooperisms, and a description of the Tawas Bay area (in northeast Michigan).

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In the immortal words of Bob and Ray, "write if you get work and hang by your thumbs" and just remember that... "All your base are belong to us!".

Click here to visit the Tawas Bay Weather Station

Tawas Point Lighthouse- Click for more information

Tawas Point Lighthouse

The tower of the Tawas Point Lighthouse is sixty-seven feet high, placed on a three-foot high base. This gives the light a seventy-foot high focal plane, which can be seen approximately sixteen miles out into Lake Huron. The tower slopes from a sixteen-foot diameter base to 9-1/2 feet diameter at the parapet of the lantern. The tower is made up of two brick and masonry walls. The outer wall is 22 inches thick and the inner wall is eight inches thick. Between the two walls is a two-foot wide air space, which acted as a chimney to bring air up to the lantern to fuel the lamp. The fourth order fresnel lens is still in use at the lighthouse... more